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Post 15. « Société du village » House of Cuimey

The « Société du village » of Cuimey is a consortage, composed of various members who have acquired through inheritance, the rights recorded and recognized by the assembly. In the past, each village had its own association which regulated the rights of access to common goods. These rights were only transmitted to the eldest member of each family.

Unlike La Combaz which was a community, Cuimey was part of a “neighbourhood community” ( communauté de voisinage ), more like a private company with no political affiliation, but with a similar organization including a house in the village, a wine cellar, jointly owned goods and even a bread oven. Erasme Zufferey, in his book “Le passé du val d’Anniviers” refers to “Quimey la Ville”( the city ) and “Quimey la Crête”( on top ) in the 1300s. “Quimey la Crête” was located above the current road and “Quimey la Ville” below.

Association members meet twice a year for the Rogation days, in May, and on the day of Saint-Jacques for the accounts. The “Rogation” from the Latin “rogatio” ( request ) indicating the three days preceding Ascension where processions, accompanied by prayers, were supposed to attract divine protection for crops and animals.

The « Société du village » of Cuimey celebrates its patron, Saint- Jacques, the third Sunday of July, a day that ends in front of the wine cellar where different generations compete in the game of “morra”. This old game consists in announcing numbers in the local patois language. The winner is the player who guesses the figure for the total shown by the fingers of the players.

The « Société du village » of Cuimey possesses the vineyard from which the wine kept under the chapel is made. The vin du Glacier( glacier wine ) as it is called, is served on special occasions and for the Corpus Christi procession. It is kept in barrels, which are never completely emptied. Each year new wine of the Malvoisie, Hermitage or Rèze varieties is added.

On the morning of Corpus Christi, the Fife and Drum band from Mission comes to sound the reveille( awakening ) in Cuimey, Les Morands and La Combaz. By late afternoon, they reach Vissoie, after Vespers, and according to custom, they stop at La Combaz for a small snack, at Cuimey for a glass or two of wine and a cup of broth in Mission.

In front the house of the « Société du village » of Cuimey an ancient stone with a carved “cup” from the “Seja” a mayen above Cuimey is exhibited. The discovery of a praying figure and different small cups carved into the stone suggests the existence of a place of worship that dates from Neolithic times. According to an ancient popular belief, still very present today, these carved cups were used to receive the blood of the victims, in ritual sacrifices practiced by the Druids and Celts.

> Continue your tour in the lower village where several old houses are located.

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Post 15. « Société du village » House of Cuimey
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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