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Post 9. Old school and Communal House

Formerly, this building in the heart of the village was home to the school. On the façade, we read : “School House 1898” (Maison d’école 1898). After welcoming the students of Pinsec in 1965, the Mayoux school closed in 1970.

Children from Mayoux and Pinsec were schooled for three years in the old school of Vissoie before entering the Anniviers School Centre in 1973.

The school in Mayoux was then transformed into the communal house of the old town of Saint-Jean. In 1927, the Bourgeoisie had sold the building to the town for about CHF 700.-. It is here that local elections, votes and meetings of councillors and citizens took place. Today this building is used by employees of the “ Commune d’Anniviers “, in particular, by the person in charge of the cadastre.

In the 1950s, school began on November 2 and ended on May 3. School holidays did not exist, so the number of school days was almost the same as today.

As of the first year, students got grades, the best being 1. The grade book contained grades for moral standing, effort or behaviour (accuracy, order and cleanliness, courtesy, discipline, application) and intellectual effort as well as for, for the main subjects (grammar and spelling, writing and calculations). At the age of 15, an exam called “emancipation”, imposed four areas of study : reading and reporting ; writing and spelling ; oral and written calculation ; history and geography. The best score was 4 and a grade of 8.5 was not necessary in order to be “emancipated”.

In Mayoux, there were between 20 and 30 students aged 7 to 15. During the summer, the teacher worked as a clerk for construction sites, while the children helped their parents with the agricultural work.

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Continue and turn to the right at the house. Go to the centre of the square, where you can observe the house located above.

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Post 9. Old school and Communal House
3961 Mayoux
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