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Post 11. Old School

The building, surrounded by barns and granaries, housed the school of Pinsec until 1965. It was in 1927 that the old town bought it for about CHF 700.- from the Bourgeoisie. In 2012, a young couple from Neuchâtel became the owners of the house of the old school turning it into a guesthouse. En 2012, un jeune couple neuchâtelois devint propriétaire de la maison de l’ancienne école pour la transformer en chambres d’hôtes.

In the 1950s, the school of Pinsec had thirty students between seven and fifteen years of age. Given the differences in level, the teacher was helped by the older students to teach the younger children to learn to read. The school lasted from November 2 to May 3. The only days off were Sundays, Thursday afternoons and holidays.

In 1965, the school was closed permanently because the number of children of school age continued to decrease. The students of Pinsec were joined with those of Mayoux until 1970, when they all went to the old school in Vissoie and then to the “ Centre scolaire d’Anniviers “, in Vissoie beginning in 1973.

Not hearing students in the streets of Pinsec, morning, noon and evening, created such a vacuum that older people spoke of the death of the village. It was somewhat the case, as the population, which was a hundred and fifty in the early twentieth century, had decreased to twenty-five in 1990. Following the construction of the Moiry dam and the development of tourism, young people ceased to follow their parents in agriculture.

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Post 11. Old School
3961 Pinsec
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