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This building housed the school from 1920 until 1964. It was built by two brothers, who emigrated to America in 1870 to escape poverty, as many Swiss did at that time.

The building of the former school, located in Fang du-milieu, was partially destroyed by an explosion in 1906. That year, two hundred Italians were working on the channeling of the Navisence river. In Fang they were housed in barns, stables and the first floor of the school. A soapstone stove, which probably contained a reserve of dynamite exploded, injuring several workers.

The former municipality of Chandolin, at the initiative of the school teacher of the time, bought the building, located in Fang d’en-bas, in order to transform it into a school.

The school was the first to have electricity when the village of Fang was partially connected to the power line in 1935-1936. Until 1955, each family had only one lamp for the main room. The other rooms were still lit with kerosene.

In the past, at different periods, students were very numerous. During Lent, the school moved, at the same time as the majority of the villagers to the valley of the Rhone. Only a few people remained to Fang.

In 1911, in the school of Fang, there were more than twenty-seven students. The school was too small, so they were forced to sit in turns to write, otherwise, most of the time they were standing. Between 1920 and 1940, twenty-five to thirty students attended school in Fang, six months a year, from early November to early May.

After 1945, the number of students decreased gradually. The younger generations left the village in search of work and a better life. In 1960, the school of Fang had only five to six students. In 1964, with only four students all from the family of Jean Zuber, it closed its doors. From that date, students from Fang went to the primary school in Vissoie and, as of 1973, like all Anniviers students, to the school Centre d’Anniviers in Vissoie.

After 1964 the school became the house of the township. In 2007-2008, the former town of Chandolin completely renovated the building creating two rooms for about forty people ( available by reservation through the municipality of Anniviers ).

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3961 Fang
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