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Post 8. Old School

This house was home to the school of Vissoie until the opening of the Centre scolaire d’Anniviers in 1973. Built in 1910, it consisted of two classroom areas : one reserved for girls and one for boys, with all ages mixed together.

The boys class on the second floor, was run by a male teacher and on the third floor, the girls were taught by a female teacher.

In the past, the school year lasted six months, from November 3 to May 3. The rest of the time the children had to help their parents in the work of the fields. No classes were held Thursday afternoons, on Sundays and “obligatory” religious holidays. Otherwise, there were no holidays. Classes lasted from 8 am to 11 am and from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Homework was ample. It took two to three hours a day and even more on Sunday. The students were also required to attend Mass every morning at 7:15.

Teachers controlled attendance. Students missing mass without an excuse were punished by the priest, who was also the president of the school board. This obligation was included in the regulations. After a school absence (for illness or other reasons), students could not return to class without a written note by the president of the school board, which was known as a “ticket” (billet).

The house was sold to private owners in 1973 after the opening of the new school for the entire valley.

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Post 8. Old School
3961 Vissoie
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