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Post 1. Roads

Three generations of roads mark the entrance of the village.

The Grimentz historic visit starts in front of the Tourist Office in the neighbourhood of the first hotels: Alamarenda ( 1897 ) and Moiry ( 1925 ). A panel above the entrance of the Becs-de-Bosson restaurant, represents one of the oldest hotel owners of the resort, Aloys Rauch “king of raclette.“

The first access to Grimentz, “La Golettaz “ ( XIII century ), which carries a name that means slide, or timber slide in local dialect was extended through the village by a paved road. This second road was opened in 1919, when water arrived by pipeline in the village. The third route, called “Route Neuve, “( new road ) was created for the construction of the Moiry dam, which began in 1954.

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Post 1. Roads
3961 Grimentz
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