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Post 6. Raccard and village house

The area is dominated by a large raccard,( barn ) currently owned by the family of Sylvain Crettaz. It was used for the storage of cereals, mainly wheat for making bread.

The “neighbourhood of Combaz” was part owner of the oven in Vissoie where bread was baked, according to an established programme. The construction of barns on stilts prevented mice and other rodents from reaching the stored grains. The grenier, also built on stilts, is smaller and used to store supplies..

The grenier and raccard appear similar but have important differences The raccard has a central area meant to separate wheat from chaff. On each side, there were several compartments defined by partitions that were used to separate the wheat of different owners.

At the foot of the raccard, traditional tools are exhibited by Etienne Crettaz : a handcrafted winnow ( van ) used to separate the chaff from the grain; a “crazy bench” ( banc du fou ) where a worker could place the wooden log and work it to make stakes for the vineyard ); an anvil to beat imperfections out of the blade of the scythe.

In front of raccard is the village house. Enjoy the beautiful view of the valley from the terrace.

The “ Société du village “ of La Combaz was established on July 29, 1983. It was initially created around the chapel, to ensure its maintenance and to get together the villagers.

The building, which was originally a grange-écurie,( barn-stable ) houses a meeting room. Meetings are held here on the first of the year, at Corpus Christi, at the time of celebration of the patron Saint-Laurent, in the summer and in the fall for the brisolée.( a traditional dish of chestnuts, grapes, fruit and cheese ).

At the next location, on the right, there is a pig barn. The pig came out of this stable only the day it was slaughtered. The pigs would shriek and advance only if they were pulled by the tail.

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Post 6. Raccard and village house
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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