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Post 3. Private Stable

The private stable of Mayoux, located north of the village, can house roughly fifteen animals (cows, heifers and female calves). About 600 m3 of hay and second growth hay are needed to feed them. It is by uniting several plots that this barn was completed in 1991.

Independently of community stables in Anniviers, a number of such private stables were built.

It is interesting to compare the old traditional stable to a private stable such as this one. The old system was replaced by an electrical one that is used for milking and to put out the manure. Windows, required by the law for the protection of animals are another new feature. Manual feeding has been replaced by a system which makes the hay fall directly to the cattle. Milking machines have taken the place of hand milking. Even the height of nurseries in relation to bedding for the animals is regulated. Gone are the days when, after feeding, farmers had backaches, sore hands and arms. The current equipment, milking machines, conduits, churns and milk storage require a high degree of cleanliness. Formerly, only the container used for milking and the brante (milk can) needed washing.

In the past, hay was tied with rope and a catelle or betsons (faggots with burlap), and transported on the backs of men and women. Today it is the self-loading machine that does the job.

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Post 3. Private Stable
3961 Mayoux


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