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Post 1. Six Poplars

The six poplars, located at the entrance of Niouc and the Val d’Anniviers, represented the former municipalities of the valley. In about 1912, Candide Antille planted them in this location, so that they would be visible from Sierre.

>To reach the first point of the historical route of Niouc, park your car at the entrance to the village, on the side of Sierre, in the parking lot near the playground. Go down the stairs and walk along the main road on the left side of the Bisse, up to the poplars.

When in 1957, the owner decided to cut down the trees to sell the wood, the « Société de développement » of Sierre concluded an agreement with the owners of the land to save the trees and protect the site. The Association agreed to pay the amount of CHF 10 per year per poplar to the owners to prevent the trees from being cut down.

In 1980, the trees were replaced by Henri Salamin (then President of Saint-Luc), André Salamin (former forest guard in Saint-Luc), Luke Antille and Elie Zufferey from Niouc.

Before you go to the next stop on the route, take note of the half-timbered house in front of the road towards Sierre. Its unique style is probably due to the workers from Zurich employed at the factory in Chippis. This house and the white house were built in about 1905 and 1910, during the construction work of the penstock for the aluminum plant in Chippis. The white house, was first used as a canteen and housing for the workers, and later was occupied by a coffee shop. It probably became a first stop on the old mule track leading from Sierre to the villages of the valley. In 1946, the former owner bought the houses from the factory in Chippis.

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Downstream from the poplars, is the northern access road to the spring. In winter, this path may not be usable depending on snow conditions.

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Post 1. Six Poplars
3960 Niouc
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