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Post 12. Place du Chaudron

This small square is named after the large pot on the right. Before the dam, completed in 1958, there were two pastures in the valley of Moiry: the Torrent pasture located on the left bank of the Gougra and that of Château Pré on the right bank.

When they were engulfed by the waters of the dam, a new pasture named Moiry was created a little higher up. Neither of the old names were used in order not to offend people who grazed their livestock in one or the other of the former pastures. The pot of Château-Pré was donated to the “ Société de développement du village “ who decided to display it on this site. It is in this large pot that cheese was made.

Approaching the barrier, one can admire the largest granary ( grenier ) of the village that belonged to sixteen families. The ground floor in masonry was used as a residence in the fourteenth century.

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After a detour to the road that goes in front of the square, go up the stairs on the right, in order to reach the next location on the tour: the basin.

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Post 12. Place du Chaudron
3961 Grimentz
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