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In 1882, subsequent to the creation of the parish of Chandolin, work began on the construction of the church. The work was carried out thanks to Euphémie Frily a generous member of the parish who donated 20,000 gold francs, and also to the know how of Elie Caloz, a young peasant who had already built the chapel of Muraz. Assisted by men from the village, Elie Caloz worked for two years on the church. The first mass was celebrated in 1887 and as of that year, a priest resided in Chandolin.

The church is designed in the “ post-Baroque ” style. The interior can be considered surprising because of the richness of the décor and the furnishings. The “ faux marble ” pillars which are in their original state, as well as the stucco work and the different architectural elements. The painting of Sainte-Barbe (Saint Barbara) above the main altar is by an unknown artist, while the paintings near the secondary altars are by Laurenz-Justin Ritz (1796 – 1870) : Saint-Joseph and the Child (1854, lef t ), and the Assumption of the Virgin (1857, right). The stained glass windows of the choir were made by Edmond Bille in 1932. Those of the nave, which were mere glass were replaced in 1963 by Albert Chavaz.

Elie Caloz was also the creator of the organ. In an old barn in Muraz, converted into a workshop, he made metal flutes, adjusted Sainte-Barbe Church the wooden parts, found special skins for the bellows and cut the keys in cow bone. The organ was sent to Chandolin in pieces by mule.

The installation of the bells was also an adventure. They were brought from Soussillon on sledges pulled by oxen, and once in the village, they were transported on a walkway, from the Calvary path to the bell tower.

The first building on your left, coming out of the church, was once the parish house. Built in 1871, with the financial assistance of Euphémie Frily and all the parishioners, the building was used initially to house people who came to work in the mines in the area.

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