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Post 16. Parish Church of Saint-Luc

The village church, dedicated to Saint-Luc, was built in 1804.

In 1803, residents of Saint-Luc and Chandolin sent a request for separation from the parish of Vissoie, mainly because of the distance, especially during winter ceremonies, and to promote children’s education. In April 1804, construction of the Church of Saint-Luc began, while in May 1804, representatives of both communities appeared before the vicar general. The parish of Vissoie, standing to lose a third of its contributions, first opposed and then agreed to sign the notarised document, finally resolving the issue of the separation of the parish of Saint-Luc/ Chandolin from the “mother church” of Vissoie in 1806.

The two fires that ravaged Saint-Luc had seriously damaged the church and the rectory. Each time, the bells were reduced to a pile of deformed metal. Bells, installed after the first fire of January 18, 1845, were cast on the spot in Saint-Luc. After the fire of 1858, the village priest managed a masterstroke. He had the wagon carrying the new church bells stop in front of the Cathedral of Sion, where they were blessed by the Bishop. On November 14, 1858, the local press notes that the residents of Saint-Luc were congratulated for their determination to attend the religious ceremonies marking the end of the year in their renovated church. The main altar of the church, in a neo-Classical style dates from 1877. The patron saint of the church, Saint- Luke (Luc in French) is in the centre with Saints Peter and Paul at either side.

The parish community took care of the church. Electric lighting was installed on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in 1905. Charles Wütrich (1875 – 1967) carried out the interior painted decoration in 1913. A new spire, slimmer and better proportioned was placed on the belfry in 1927. Pierre Louy (1937– 2003) the master stained-glass maker who directed the Ecole supérieure du vitrail in Sion, made the stained glass of the church which was put in place in 1968.

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Near the church the former parish house is visible.

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Post 16. Parish Church of Saint-Luc
3961 St-Luc
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