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Post 4. Mule Stable

This stable was once used to house a mule. The mule stable differs from that of the cows by its size. It is, indeed, higher and was used, in general, for a single animal.

Formerly, mules were used to transport people and goods. A mule could have several owners.

This stable was provided with a feeding system that was more practical than others. A hatch made it possible to drop hay directly in the manger, whereas usually it was necessary to bring the hay in big fabric bales making several trips between the hay barn and stable.

Once essential, and due to the progressive abandonment of the old way of life, mules gradually disappeared. In 2003, for the filming of the Swiss television series “ Mayen 1903 “, in Anniviers, a mule had to be found elsewhere. After the filming the mule Isidore was kept in the valley where it lived until its death in 2013.

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Go back on the main road and continue for approximately 40 meters to the house on the left.

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Post 4. Mule Stable
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