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Post 7. Mill

The mill was working until 1941. It was an unfortunate accident that marked the end of its operation. The last miller had the sleeve of his jacket caught by the wheel, and lost his arm. As of that time, residents of Ayer had to go to the mill in Mission.

The grain obtained after threshing in the raccards, was stored in the grenier. As required, grain, which is easier to conserve than flour, was transported to the mill for grinding.

The force of the water, brought in through a wooden channel, caused the movement of the vertical wheel, placed on one side of the building. The wheel drove a stone which, by turning, made it possible to grind the seeds of the cereals.

The raccard and grenier were steps in the cycle that began with the cultivation of cereals, and ended at the mill, with flour. The latter was stored in the grenier in paper bags until bread was to be made.

The raccards have balconies that were used to dry the grain before storing it inside. The greniers were used to store grain, but also food supplies and other valuable goods such as clothes for festivals and documents. The main structure of these two wooden buildings, rests on pillars covered with large round stones, which insulate them from moisture and rodents.

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Post 7. Mill
3961 Ayer
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