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Post 10. House of Mines and Former Post Office

In the early twentieth century, the engineer of the Anniviers mines had a home and an office in this house. In 1730, mining, particularly of copper, was exploited in Anniviers during periods of variable duration.

The most important mines were in Grimentz, Zinal and Ayer. From this period, there are still copies of letters written between February 4 to March 20, 1901, by Gustave Roussel, engineer, in charge amongst other things, of the “Baicolliou” mine near Grimentz. It may be interesting to note the amount of wages earned by workers in 1901 and 1942. In 1901, a foreman earned 33 cents an hour, a miner 28 cts, and a worker 20 cts. In 1942, a foreman received 90 cents an hour, a miner 80 cts and a simple worker 70 cts.

In 1921 the house was bought by Daniel and Emilie Crettaz- Florey to house the post office. Emilie was in charge of the post office, a position she gave to her son Philibert in 1940. In 1956, a new building for the post office, was built on the village square, near the church.

From 1921 to 1956, the square of the Tower was designated as the area of the postal buses. Indeed, in the summer, the square was used by four of five 21-seat postal buses from Sierre, before they went on to St-Luc, Ayer and Grimentz. It was the meeting place of the inhabitants of Vissoie who came to hear the news and watch the tourists, especially at night, during the last scheduled stop of the buses.

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Cross the road and follow the lane for about 10 meters to the big house topped by a tower.

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Post 10. House of Mines and Former Post Office
3961 Vissoie


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