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Post 6. House of Foods / Maison des nourritures

Formerly, this building housed the butcher and dairy. On the ground floor butchers tools are on display, while on the upper floor, tools used in the dairy are shown.

The dairy was managed by a consortage composed of thirty-two owners. From February to the end of May, cheese and butter were made here. When the owners went up to the mayens with cows, they produced tommes ( cheese ) on site. The pastures, twelve in number in the territory of the former town of Ayer, were occupied from late June to late September by cows, sheep and some pigs, with an average of 70-120 heads per pasture. From 1964 to 1967, milk was channelled through two pipes called “pipelines” from the pastures at Nava to the village and from Sorebois to Vernec ( near Mottec ).

The same building was used as a butcher’s shop in November and December. In the past, the village lived in self-sufficiency and produced its own food. Each family kept a pig that was fed with the remains of the family diet. The day of the slaughtering of the pig, the work on the carcass was carried out by hand, outside. The meat was stored in the cellar and then in the grenier.

From 1960 to 1984, the cellar of a nearby raccard sheltered a freezer, that was set up and managed by the « Société du village ». Each family had a compartment.

On the ground floor, there was also a fuller which was used to beat linen coming from Sierre, of which sheets and towels were made.

Against the building there is a basin. Formerly, each neighbourhood had a basin that was used to water livestock and to supply water for households. Morning and evening the cows were brought there. The owners organized themselves so that their animals did not meet around the basin. They had to prevent the animals from fighting over the water, so that people nor animals would be injured.

The women also did their laundry in these basins, until the years 1953-1956.

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Retracing your footsteps, in order to reach the next location, note in passing, the house with green shutters on your left. This is a fine example of a building that was built in phases over time. Note that the first numbering of buildings in the village dates back from the twentieth century.
Go back along this street to the Place de la Bourgeoisie and turn right to the mill.

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Post 6. House of Foods / Maison des nourritures
3961 Ayer
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