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Post 8. House of the Bourgeoisie and the Old School

In 1798, inhabitants of the communities of Ayer and Mission united to form a Tiers. On this occasion, the House of the Bourgeoisie in Ayer was enlarged by the two communities that are now “united in one heart” ( un ( e )s en un seul coeur ). The House of the Bourgeoisie in Mission reflects the independent status of the community of Mission prior to 1798.

On the ceiling of the main hall, it is written : “The fire of July 23, 1838 reduced me to ashes. The courage of the Tiers of Ayer rebuilt me ( in ) the year 1842. Preserve me from a second fire “ ( L’incendie du 23 juillet 1838 m’a réduit( e ) en cendres. Le courage du Tier( s ) d’Ayer m’a réédifié( e ) ( en ) l’an 1842. Préservez-moi d’un second incendie ).

An inscription on the facade cites the Tiers d’Ayer which built the house. At the third level, “IHS” is of course the abbreviation of “Iesus hominis Salvator” ( Jesus Saviour of men ).

The building belongs to the Bourgeoisie of Ayer. The assembly of bourgeois of Ayer and Mission is held annually in rotation in Houses of the Bourgeoisie in these villages. The house includes a meeting room on the third level and a wine cellar on the ground floor.

Until June 1971, the second level housed the village school. Since 1973, the Centre scolaire d’Anniviers in Vissoie has become the main school for all the students of the valley.

In Mission classes could number twenty to thirty students from seven to fifteen years of age. Most older children helped the younger ones. The school year began early in November and ended early May. Students were in class all week, including Saturday.

The subjects taught were French, calculus, science, the history of Switzerland, geography and religion. Once or twice a year, school inspectors, councillors and the parish priest visited the class.

In the spring, families who owned vineyards in valley of the Rhone moved to Sierre. From mid-December to late January, the families that had a mayen ( houses or structures associated with medium altitude pastures ) in Zinal, went up with their livestock. The school was then given on site.

With the essor of ice skating, the schoolyard, which dates from 1960, was transformed into a skating rink for students. Then, later, it became the town square.

Observe the water pump located on the balcony. An inscription mentions the 1838 fire.

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Just opposite the House of the Bourgeoisie, there is a small square with a cross.

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Post 8. House of the Bourgeoisie and the Old School
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