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Post 2. House of the Bourgeoisie

The House of the Bourgeoisie is one of the oldest buildings in Grimentz. It was built between 1480 and 1550 for the needs of the local community

Belonging to a “bourgeoisie” gave members priority access to its services, such as the mill and the sawmill, but especially permitted the integration into the community. Each year and still today, the Bourgeois participate, within its walls, in the journée des Rogations which is akin to a general meeting.

Inside the building, several rooms lined in wood reflect its long history. A cellar contains barrels of wine including the famous wine of the Glacier. A barrel dedicated to the bishop still contains wine of 1886. It is only opened during major events such as the arrival of a Federal Councillor or the bishop. Every year it is topped off with wine from a barrel that dates from 1888.

Above the front door, rebuilt in 1947, Sainte-Agathe, patron saint of fire, watches over the house and the village. To the left and right of the entrance, one can discover old rules and a 500-year old larch trunk.

At the northeast corner of the House of the Bourgeoisie, there is a fifteen-metre high cross. Erected in 1873, it protects the village against fire and the elements.

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Post 2. House of the Bourgeoisie
3961 Grimentz


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