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This old house, where the first floor date dates from 1776, was renovated in 1998. It has the distinction of having been built on three floors, with the ground floor, narrower than the upper two floors. In addition, its north face is in stone,and has a rounded shape.

Several houses in Fang have a ground floor that is narrower than the upper floors. In the past, it was certainly important, to save the land and on the other hand, to enlarge the house, according to the needs of the family and the increasing number of its members. This type of house is found everywhere in the Alps. By reducing the area of the house on the ground, the owners paid less in tax.

The style of this house is similar to that of some Hungarian homes. Sources referring to authors like Bourrit in 1781, as well as Desor and Fischer, claim that the Huns came to Anniviers after the feat of Attila ( 451 AD ). This assumption is based on the results of observations conducted in Hungary and in Anniviers about the local dialect ( patois ), and of the etymology of place names and proper names as well as the morphological characteristics of the inhabitants of the two countries and the style of their buildings. Although this view is not supported by historians, following the publication of “ Valaisans descendants d’Attila” by Bernard Savioz, Ed. La Matze in 1985, sometimes Hungarians have come to seek clues in Anniviers to prove their common origins.

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