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Post 8. Hotel Besso

The Hotel Besso dates from 1890. “In Zinal, the pearl of the Val d’Anniviers, the Besso, a small hotel with 30 beds, founded by Mr. Benoît Crettaz. In an excellent location. Bed and Board from 6 to 9 frs.”

Its entrance was located on the only existing road at the time. The main road, which is now the access road to the village, dates from 1957.

The Zinal Hotels Company was created in 1903 to manage the Grand Hotel des Diablons, Hotel Durand and the Hotel du Besso. In 1920 the hotel was sold to Joachim Theytaz. Period advertising for the hotel declared: “Zinal. Telephone 2. Hotel du Besso. Café-Restaurant. Cars and trucks available to transport travellers from Sierre to Ayer. Local specialties. Moderate prices. Guides. Bearers. Joachim Theytaz Guide-Owner.”

The wooden shed in the courtyard was used as an ice storage point for the hotel. In front, under the big rock seen on the right of the Belvedere, was the cooler for the Diablons and Durand Grand Hotels.

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The next stop on the tour is located below the main road. The Café-Restaurant La Ferme is also visible from the old road.

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Post 8. Hotel Besso
3961 Zinal
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