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Post 18. Old Hotel d’Anniviers

There are no longer any traces of the former Hotel d’Anniviers. Indeed, it was completely demolished in 1986 and replaced with a modern three-star hotel, which in the mid-2000s, was converted into apartments.

Despite its demolition one cannot ignore, what was, in its time the flagship of Vissoie tourism and, thus by implication, of the Val d’Anniviers.

We know that in 1859, hotels began to operate in Anniviers, first in Zinal, then in Saint-Luc, Chandolin and Grimentz. In 1863 Vissoie was the only village in the valley connected to the valley of the Rhone by a modest carriage road on which transportation was assured by mules harnessed to carts. Vissoie’s role in local tourism was all set; from here, foreign customers could travel throughout the valley, by mule or sedan chair.

It was between 1876-1878 that the Hotel d’Anniviers was built by the company “Vissoie Hotels”. Its shareholders were called Seiler, de Sépibus and Tabin. As of its opening, it carried the name Hotel d’Anniviers. It was classified “1st class house.” At first it was run by the Tabin brothers : Antoine (1864-1933), Benjamin (1868- 1932) and Daniel (1869-1930). Then later, and for nearly half a century, by the spouses Ludwig Jossen and Albertine, born Blatter Mörel (Upper Valais). Ludwig died in 1928 and, as of that date, his wife took care of the establishment alone.

According to oral testimonies collected, the hotel was successful, thanks to the English and German customers in particular. This was a golden age for local tourism. Then, when the First and Second World Wars broke out, the number of customers declined. After these events, successively, the hotel was renovated and adapted to the times. However, in 1985, the last owners, Lindo and Raymonde Rossi-Florey, reached the age of retirement after thirty years of activity and put an end to the exploitation of their establishment.

It was sold to a real estate company that built a three-star hotel on the site. That year, a page in the history of tourism in Vissoie turned. A witness to a bygone age disappeared, making room for visions of a future better tailored to customer expectations and needs in the 21st century.

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Post 18. Old Hotel d’Anniviers
3961 Vissoie


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