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Post 22. Grand Hotel Bella-Tola

The Hotel Bella-Tola was built in two stages. First step : the Hotel was inaugurated on August 8, 1883. We can recognize its facade with just a few balconies.

During the excavations to lay the foundations several graves were discovered two meters underground: a tomb dating from the Iron Age (Hallstatt period, 800-480 BC) containing the edge of an axe with fins and a fragment of pottery from the Bronze Age; several cubic tombs slabs, around a small rock that contained ashes, charred bones and gold rings, silver bracelets, bronze (Hallstatt period) and a military fibulae disc dating from the time of Trajan (98-117 AD). These objects were deposited in the National Museum in Zurich.
The hotel was equipped with forty large, well lit rooms, a large dining room, several lounges, a post office and telegraph, baths with hot and cold water. Customers appreciated the fact that the location of this hotel was “not next to the church tower with loud bells that prevent sleep.”

Second step : the hotel opened with a new annex in 1892. It is easy to recognize the Annex because of the number of finely carved balconies. This addition doubled hotel capacity and offered a large dining room for 100 people.

Four generations of the Pont family succeed each other at the hotel until 1996. That year the hotel was taken over by Anne- Françoise and Claude Buchs. Their work on the upgrading of the hotel was rewarded with the “Historic Hotel” label, granted in 2001 by ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Historical Sites).

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Post 22. Grand Hotel Bella-Tola
3961 St-Luc
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