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Post 1. Grand Hotel

The construction of the Grand Hotel marked a turning point in the development of tourism in Chandolin. It was built in 1896 by Pierre Pont. Its construction was not easy : the material was transported by mule from the valley of the Rhone.

> Follow the path behind the Tourist Office to the Grand Hotel.

On the way by, you can see the place where the first Illhorn ski lift was built in 1961. A trench remains near the garages where the snow groomers are kept. The chalet Blanche-neige in the Creux de Blanche-Neige was used to house the staff of the Grand Hotel.

Since its opening in 1897, the Grand Hotel has hosted many tourists, in large part English, who rode on mules or came on foot from Sierre. By 1924, they could take other means of transport to Fang and from there continue on mule or through porters. The hotel, with no heating was only open in summer.

Famous people stayed there : Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany), Admiral Alfred Freiherr von Tirpitz (creator of the German navy in the First World War), Ferdinand von Zeppelin (inventor of the Zeppelin), Paul Hindemith (German composer) and the painter Edouard Ravel (uncle of the famous composer Maurice Ravel). The paintings of Edouard Ravel were exhibited at the Grand Hotel.

Pierre Pont directed the hotel until 1937. When his son Marc succeeded him, heating was installed and the hotel opened in summer and winter. Marc Pont had to give up the hotel in 1971, and the building passed into different hands. Currently owned by a German-Swiss company, the Grand Hotel receives groups all year long.

In 1896-1897, close to the hotel an “ English chapel ” was built, called the Chapelle Les Daillettes. The chapel was designed for hotel guests, almost exclusively English and Anglican. Today, Protestant services are celebrated during the tourist season.

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Follow the path below the Grand Hotel to the Calvary.


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Post 1. Grand Hotel
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