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Post 15. Granary on Pilotis

This granary on pilotis transformed into a vacation home, symbolizes the economic conversion experienced by Zinal and the Val d’Anniviers. This is a granary for storing goods, consisting of a stone base that housed a cellar, surmounted by four wooden pillars and stone slabs that prevented rodents from reaching the provisions and also served to protect against moisture.

This type of building is very old, in fact its origins may go back as far as the Neolithic period when structures were built on stilts in the plains that were subject to flooding.

The barns (raccards), much larger structures that existed in villages of primary residence, served to dry grain. In Zinal there are noraccards, since the cultivation of cereals was not possible at this altitude.

Les Gentianes, left, was the second farmhouse after the Mamberzes to receive a name and be used to house tourists.

The basin was built around 1970.

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Continue for a few meters up to the old barn (grange). The stable is down below.

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Post 15. Granary on Pilotis
3961 Zinal
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