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Post 4. Former House of the Communiers

This house, adjoining the chapel once housed the meeting room of the former villagers of La Combaz. Due to the steep slope, it is located on a relatively high base.

In the 1920s, the house of villagers / communiers was bought and transformed by the Crettaz family from Vissoie and La Combaz.

In the Middle Ages the small village communities came together to form larger entities in an effort to make themselves stronger against external authorities. A kind of puzzle was thus created, depending on the circumstances, bringing together three or four villages. The villages were merged by three or four to form one,in order to avoid sending too many men to the war. In Napoleon’s time, a quota was required for each community.

The small community of La Combaz, originally independent, was incorporated into Vissoie, then Ayer and Mission. The book published by the French-speaking Valais Historical Society ( Société d’histoire du Valais romand ) in 2004, about the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of the town of Vissoie in 1954, recounts the following : “January 22 and February 5, 1820, 14 villagers from La Combaz made a petition to the State to request the reestablishment of their town. However, they said that they consented to be included in Vissoie if the Council of State thought fit. “

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Post 4. Former House of the Communiers
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey


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