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Post 5. Farmhouse and Basin

This house is a fine example of a traditional dwelling. Several families lived in the house, each occupying one floor. Each household was made up of a room with a hearth for cooking and a main room that also served as a bedroom at night. The families of the past, more numerous than today, slept in the same room whether they had two, four or eight children.

The typical Valais house was built using both wood and stone. A base made of masonry, used as a cellar, supports the timber that houses the rooms while a section in masonry usually housed the kitchens. Observe the details on the west facade that borders the road : the inscription and the date 1824 cut by windows that were enlarged on the second level ; the coat of arms above the windows on the third level ; the date of 1840, under the ridge board.

The basin at the foot of the house, next to the cross, dates from 1926, a year marked by the partial replacement of wooden basins by ones made of cement.

Along the road, after the next location, is a basin made of larch, identical to those used previously in all the villages of the valley. The basin was of great importance. Before the arrival of drinking water in homes, the villagers came there to fetch water, do laundry, water the animals and clean tools.

In Mission, there are seven basins and fountains that we invite you to discover on your own.

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Follow the main road for about 20 meters.

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Post 5. Farmhouse and Basin
3961 Mission


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