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Post 14. Doctor’s House

This house, called “Chalet Farvel” ( a contraction of the word “farewell”, in English and adieu in French ( goodbye ), is known by the inhabitants of Cuimey as the Doctor’s House.

Emil Schleiniger, a young doctor of Swiss German origin, practiced from 1935 to 1938 in Anniviers. Living in Vissoie, with his wife who was a nurse and their two children, he was one of the first doctors to live in the valley. In 1938 he published a thesis on tuberculosis and diseases that are common in the Val d’Anniviers.

A daughter of the doctor remembers “the Clinique de la Gougra” which was installed in Vissoie, on the site of the current medical centre, during the construction of the Moiry dam, between 1954 and 1958.

Upon completion of his mandate, Emil Schleiniger bought this house from its many owners. One of them, Louis Genoud, has left his name with the date 1915 on an outside wall. The doctor and his family have kept the spirit of the past of the house.

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To get to the next location, go down the alley adjacent to the chapel. Observe the grenier and raccard located side by side, to the left of the lane. Continue a few meters up to the house of the « Société » of Cuimey which is on the left.

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Post 14. Doctor’s House
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey


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