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Post 3. Converted Granary

This old granary, to left the road, is now a house. Like other greniers, it originally belonged to several families and had doors for each compartment corresponding to a family.

A raccard, usually belonged to a single family. The grenier andraccard both consist of an upper floor made of large wooden boards, usually in larch, raised on stilts. These are based on large flat, round stones, themselves resting on wooden pilotis. With this system, mice, attracted by stored victuals, are not able to enter. The planks are closely laid to prevent flies from entering.

The greniers were used to keep dried meat, bread, Sunday clothes, but also cherries, crodzettes which are apples cut into quarters and distributed like candy to children and mounettes, pine cones.

In the “rooms” located below, built in masonry, two narrow windows allow ventilation in summer for the conservation of cheese. In winter, these openings were sealed with rags.

The cellars, rarely completely below ground were used to conserve vegetables and potatoes, as well as the wine of the Glacier, produced in Sierre and bottled in Anniviers.

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Follow the flat path that continues up to the Bread chamber.

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Post 3. Converted Granary
3961 St-Jean


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