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Post 2. Cohalet

In “Cohalet” a dialect word meaning “small place exposed to the sun,” there are a few new houses, below the road. On the south side of Saint-Jean du-milieu the dairy and slaughterhouse were installed in a 1920 structure, called Chalet Soleil. Calving took place in November-December and a butcher worked from December to January. Here developed the first artisans zone of the village.

The bread chamber and oven are above Chalet Soleil. Its position, slightly away from the inhabited area, hints at the ever-present fear of the fire, when the oven is heated white.

It is in the Cohalet area that the population was supplied with bread, milk, and meat - the three basic products of the Anniviers diet. This is where the supply, processing, production, and finally the distribution occurred, according to a highly regulated system.

The merchandise storage areas were located elsewhere. Our friends who are returning to Saint-Jean will show us these places. These are the greniers,(granaries, raccards (barns), rooms and cellars, that can be discovered as we go along.

The landscape provides us with clues to discovering the economic activities that have replaced agriculture, an activity that can no longer live without subsidies.

Yellow signposts indicate the footpaths, that follow the old routes.

To the west, Tsirouc and Sorebois have long offered their meadows to graze cattle that were brought up for the summer. Today, this is where our friends discover the pylons of the Grimentz -Sorebois cabin lift, inaugurated in 2014.

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Follow the path to the converted granary.

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Post 2. Cohalet
3961 St-Jean
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