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Post 4. Chapel of Sainte-Anne

The Chapel of Niouc, which was built in 1953, is dedicated to Sainte-Anne. Its construction was rendered possible by an exceptional fundraising effort.According to old people in the village, the idea to build a chapel in Niouc had already been discussed between 1910 and 1920.

In 1924, an account for the Chapel of Niouc was opened with a capital of 2000 francs, but it was not until 1947 and the arrival of the priest Adrien Bonvin that the project was restarted. The committee put great energy into convincing the municipal council of Saint-Luc to go forward with the project. The Consortage of Niouc offered wood for the frame of the building and the stained glass window representing Saint-Luc.

Many volunteers helped to build the Chapel, completed in 1952. It is thanks to this popular momentum that the chapel was completed and then blessed in 1953.

The sacristy was beautifully equipped, almost entirely through donations from the Sisters of Géronde and the Sion Hospital. The mural at the entrance porch, the stained glass and the painting representing Saint-Anne, protector of the valley, were executed by Alfredo Cini from Sierre in 1951-1952. The Baroque altar dates from 1753 and comes from the Ayer Chapel dismantled during the creation of the square near the Maison bourgeoisiale. When the person who had acquired the altar learned that the inhabitants of Niouc planned the construction of a chapel, she donated it to the town of Saint-Luc, so that it could remain in Anniviers.

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Walk along the road past the café, and stop near the former school building.

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Post 4. Chapel of Sainte-Anne
3960 Niouc


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