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Post 13. Chapel of Saint-Nicolas

The Cuimey chapel is dedicated to Saint-Nicolas. This building, originally an oratory, was described as a chapel in 1954. It was built in the early eighteenth century. The wooden steeple, typical of the Val d’Anniviers, houses a single bell.

The central part of the altar is occupied by a statue of Saint-Nicolas as a mitred and gloved bishop. He carries a book in which we see the three golden apples that, according to legend, would have enabled him to provide for three poor girls, who would otherwise have been destined to prostitution. The statue has a stick in its right hand.

The statues on the two-level altar, surrounding Saint-Nicolas, have not been kept in their original order : Saint Pierre, Saint-Felix ( inscription ), Saint-Jacques Majeur ( inscription ), Saint Jean-Baptiste ( animal skin ), Sainte-Catherine ( wheel ) and Sainte-Euphémie ( two lions ). Aside from the altar, there are large statues of Saint-Francis of Assisi, Saint-Joseph with the Child Jesus and Sainte-Teresa, as well as a figure in plaster.

The altar is decorated with painting that imitates marble. Note the wooden hands that serve as candle holders. A simple iron gate protects the altarpiece and statues.

The chapel of Cuimey is a fine example of the religious heritage of the valley, because of its location, its architecture and the furnishings.

Observe the notch in the outside wall, prior to 1912, which allowed for the passage of carts, between the chapel and a house. The latter was rebuilt higher up, during the construction of the current road. Both cellars beneath the chapel belong to the “ Société “ of Cuimey whose statute dates from the old regulations of 1879.

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From the chapel, you can see the next location on the opposite side of the road.

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Post 13. Chapel of Saint-Nicolas
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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