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Post 5. Chapel of Saint-Laurent

The chapel of La Combaz, dedicated to Saint-Laurent, was built in 1724 ( see the date above the door ). In this chapel, once considered an oratory, masses are celebrated today, above all on the day of the patron saint.

The chapel was restored in 1960. The cross that was directly attached to the facade was moved in the 1990s. Beneath the chapel as was customary in the past, a cellar was used to keep wine barrels.

The altar includes in its front part, a painted faux marble tomb. Visible in the middle, Saint-Laurent, patron Saint of the chapel, and the gridiron of his martyrdom. To his right Sainte-Barbe depicted as a Crowned Virgin, with the palm of the martyr and the tower where, according to legend, she was locked up by her father. On the upper level of the altar there are the Virgin and Child holding a globe ( with base dated 1724 ). The altar, with twisted columns, has a total of six statues. The vault of the chapel has painted floral decorations.

To the left of the altar, on a small stool, two round stones are kept one on the other, two round stones carved in the centre, one that served as a container and the other as a cover. Formerly, they were used to keep butter. By the grace of Saint-Laurent who perished in a fire, the butter kept here was thought to have virtues for treating burns, but also for soothing eyes and eczema.

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Follow the alley behind the chapel, to the large raccard on the right.

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Post 5. Chapel of Saint-Laurent
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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