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Post 6. Chapel of Notre-Dame-des neiges

This chapel, dedicated to the patron saint of the village, Notre Dame des Neiges, was built in four years, from 1755 to 1759.

The village of Mayoux had significantly expanded, and its inhabitants decided to build a chapel. The bishop granted them this favour“for the greater glory of God and his saints, under the following conditions : 1. That it would function for three permanent masses 2. That each permanent mass should have 25 books 3. That the town be committed to the maintenance of its funding 4. That the priest be the one to celebrate mass 5. That the mass not be given during the services of the parish. “ In 1786, the priest Pierre-Etienne Mabillard offered the chapel Stations of the Cross crafted by the Capuchins of Sion. In the archives of the “ Société du village “ from 1806 to 1832, many scrolls mention the chapel and its patron saint. A document describes the rules set in 1837, to celebrate Notre-Dame-des-Neiges (see annex).

On the Baroque altar there are statues of Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Anne, Saint-Antoine, a bishop and of Notre Dame des Neiges. On the façade, at the top of the front door, to the left of the cross with Christ, one sees the dates 1759-1936-1973. In the 1950s, the chapel was often too small to accommodate all the villagers. After the services, the villagers found themselves in the square outside the chapel to discuss family, vineyards, cattle, the pasture, their joys and sorrows. On Saturday night, after the rosary, the young people of Mayoux went to see their counterparts from Pinsec to dance on the Crettaz bridge, to the sound of music, until dawn.

For over two centuries, the chapel remained in its original state. In 1949, the walls were plastered and in 1960, light was installed. Major repairs were undertaken in 1973, in 1979 and in the years 1997-2000. The statues in the choir were restored and a wrought iron gate was put in place in order to prevent theft.

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Take the path that goes down in front of the chapel to reach the next location, the village wine cellar, at the foot of the large three-story house.

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Post 6. Chapel of Notre-Dame-des neiges
3961 Mayoux
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