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Post 12. Café-restaurant

For a small village like Mayoux, a cafe restaurant is a very important place, directly linked to the memory of its inhabitants.

It was in the 1960s when the first radio and television stations became accessible, that a couple from the village decided to build the café La Puchotaz, named after the waterfall, situated above the village. The building also included two apartments and a small grocery store that had to be closed, following the arrival of supermarkets.

The café has survived thanks to courageous people who bought and renovated the building, about ten years ago, creating La Puchotaz SA with shareholders from the valley and beyond. Above the café, in addition to an apartment for the tenants, twenty-nine tourist beds have been created.This public place has brought together not only villagers, but also tourists and Anniviards who go to the town office for land registration and other services.

A few meters from this building to the south, to the right of the stream, one can see a large stone that was brought down this far by the avalanche in 1817.

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To reach the next location, continue on your right until the road turns right. The first building on the left is the bread room.

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Post 12. Café-restaurant
3961 Mayoux
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