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Post 1. Bread Room

The bread room is on the second level of the building which, even today, allows ten persons to make handcrafted bread. The furnace, located outside, can receive batches of eightyfive loaves of eight hundred grams.

From the parking lot, cross the bridge and follow the road until the bread room, to the right, below the road.

Premises located on the ground floor once housed a butcher, and a dairy. Nineteen cattle owners brought milk to the dairy until the creation of the Laiterie centrale d’Anniviers, in Vissoie in 1956. The “ Société du village “ has undertaken the creation of a small museum on this site.

This building has an unusal aspect. In 1912, villagers installed inside the butcher’s wall, a pipe, that served to bring water for irrigating the meadows below the village, and also for the evacuation of coal and ash from the oven.

The bread oven, built in 1912 remained operational until 1957. During forty years, it suffered the ravages of time : broken windows, crumbling walls, sagging roofs, etc. In 1997 the oven was renovated, thanks to financial contributions from various sources, the generosity of the public and members of the “ Société du village “ who volunteered more than 1500 hours of work. On the village feast day, visitors can see this building and witness the making of bread.

North of the bread room is the workshop of a former craftsman and sculptor.

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Follow the main road to the Bread room today house a few meters on the left.

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Post 1. Bread Room
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