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Post 9. Basin

This cement basin located east of the chapel dates from 1919. Behind the basin in the building of the chapel there are two private cellars. Formerly, the basin had three important functions: providing water, washing and watering the animals.

The families of the village came to the basin for drinking water, because the houses had no running water. Washerwomen regularly did their laundry here.

In the morning and evening the herds of cattle came to drink from the basin according to a rhythm established by the owners. The animals were waiting for this moment. Untied, they could take a breath of fresh air. Sometimes they travelled 400-500 m to get to the basin, almost always quietly. In winter, one could see the outline of their bellies, on each side of the path in the wall of snow. After having quenched their thirst, they returned alone to the barn.

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Post 9. Basin
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