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Post 17. Barn-Stable (Grange-écurie)

This barn was once destined to cows. The barn for cows was in general quite small, its surface ranged from 20 to 25 m2. It could house a dozen animals.

Formerly, the cows of the Hérens were smaller than today. Milan, reine ( queen ) in 1944, weighed 500 kg, while Pinson, reine in 2000, weighed 750-800 kg.

The barn ceiling was quite low, forcing the farmer to work five hours a day, back bent. The words “stable” (étable) and “farm” (ferme) only appeared in the valley in the 1970s.

The barn, built above the stable, contained the hay needed to feed the livestock for twenty-five days. The hay was transported to the barn on their backs and inserted through the roof, accessed thanks to a board.

A hundred granges-écuries were spread across the agricultural territory of Pinsec, from the Navisence up to the mayens, located an hour’s walk from the village.

During haymaking, at four in the morning, farmers went in single file with the scythe, rake and fork on the trail leading up from the village. In November and December, it is with the storm lantern that they left the village at the same time to go feed the cattle, trampling through thirty to forty centimetres of snow that sometimes fell overnight.

> Enjoy the panoramic views across the valley from the bench that is a little lower.

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Post 17. Barn-Stable (Grange-écurie)
3961 Pinsec
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