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Post 9. Barn - Stable

This type of building combines the functions of the stable (étable) for shelter and livestock care, and the barn where hay is stored for feeding the animals during the many months when there is no possibility of going to pasture.

These buildings, quite numerous in the past, were located either around the villages or in the pasture areas. In the first case, they were built close to the houses and belonged in principle to a single owner. In the second case, they were very scattered and sometimes belonged to several different owners.

Building a stable-barn (grange-écurie) involved the construction of a stable with planks laid on a dry stone wall, or alternatively, a masonry wall, like those used for the cellars. The access was located in front or on the side, depending on the terrain, and the barn was often in the back. The barn was built with horizontal planks, assembled at the corners. The planks were roughly squared and assembled to allow narrow openings that ensured constant aeration.

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To reach the next location, continue on the Fond-Villa path about 20 m, and stop near the pond, at the beginning of the old mule track that led from Saint-Luc to Vissoie.
Observe the many barns-stables located along this route.

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Post 9. Barn - Stable
3961 St-Luc


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