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The Planets Trail

The Planets Trail, that represents the solar system at a reduced scale between Tignousa and the Hotel Weisshorn is the ideal educative and fun hike for families !

The Planets Trail, which stretches from the arrival of the funicular at Tignousa to the Hotel Weisshorn, is a representation on a reduced scale (1 / 1’000’000’000th for distances and 1 / 100’000 ‘000th for sizes) of our solar system. So, you will have to travel 4.5km on the way to discover the last planet (Neptune) represented by a 50cm sphere. Further on, the Trail becomes a balcony path on the sides of the Nava points. You will discover there Halley’s comet and the dwarf planet Pluto.

Visual and audio supports dedicated to each planet, games to present minor bodies (asteroids and centaurs), allow you, whether you are a novice or an initiate, to set off to re-discover these extraordinary world of planets. Let yourself be surprised!

At an altitude of between 2200 and 2500 m, the Planets Trail is a walk graded as “easy”, although you should allow 3-4 hours for the return trip. Making science fun, this walk encourages the whole family to discover more about the cosmos

Don't miss the new Tignousa Planet Park at the start of the Planets Trail.

Practical information

  • Starting point : Tignousa (at the top of the funicular)
  • Finishing point : The planet of Pluto (1.5 km beyond the Hôtel Weisshorn)
  • Scale of distances : 1m = 1 mio km
  • Scale of heavenly bodies : 1m = 100'000 km
  • Please note: Option of continuing to Zinal
  • Open from June to the end of October

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