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Le Parcours Anniviard

The Parcours Anniviard provides a general overview of the Val d’Anniviers through a series of stopping points associated with some superb views and particular themes in the valley's history. These points allow you to stop and enjoy the landscape, in places that you would normally only pass through.

The Anniviers Heritage Trails, created in 2014, allow you to explore villages via their built heritage and the life of their inhabitants.

The itinerary starts with a tour of the anniviard districts of Sierre. The town's history is closely linked with that of Anniviers, because the valley people owned property here from the 13th century onwards. The walk from Villa to Glarey takes about two hours. The tour of the anniviard districts can be shortened as necessary, for example by exploring just Villa and Muraz (one hour return). You can travel from one district to another by car. The suggested itinerary in the Val d’Anniviers takes about 3 hours: 1h30 driving and 1h30 stopping at the various information points.

The Parcours Anniviard gives pride of place to the Route d’Anniviers, which is not only the main road between the mountains and the Rhône valley, but a real symbol of the history of the valley, a link between past and present. This famous road amazed and terrified the first visitors, and although it has changed over time, it still exerts a hold over those who use it today.

Information points on the Parcours Anniviard
1. Sierre - Quartiers anniviards
Seasonal residence in Villa, Viouc, Muraz, Tservetta, Borzuat, Glarey, Noës
2. Niouc - Between plain and mountains
Gateways to Anniviers
3. Relais des Pontis - Route d'Anniviers
Staging point on the transhumance route
4. Chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Pontis
The emblem of this often difficult road
5. Fang - Old crossroads
Tiébagette archaeological site
6. Vissoie - Chapelle du Château
An insight into history
7. Pinsec - View over the village
Traditional dress
8. Mayoux - Maison bourgeoisiale
Village life/Irrigation channels (bisses)
9. Saint-Jean d'en-haut
Life in the countryside
10. Grimentz - View over the old part of the village
Films made in Anniviers
11. Les Morasses - Panoramic view of the valley
The rural economy
Mottec - centre of power
12. Zinal - Plats de la Lée
Mountaineering and mountain pastures
13. Ayer - Maison bourgeoisiale
14. Mission - Chapelle Sainte-Marie-Madeleine
Local organisations
Cuimey - Village association
15. Saint-Luc - Mill
From field to mill
16. Chandolin - Calvaire
Religieuse practice

Practical information

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Le Parcours Anniviard
3961 Anniviers
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