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La Nuit des Mélèzes / Zinal

In the larch forest of the village of Zinal, a 600-metre long illuminated path takes shape.

During the cold winter nights, the larch trees whisper all the secrets of the past. One thing leading to another, these majestic giants recount history and remember each generation they have lived with. According to the elders of the Val d'Anniviers, it would even seem that by discreetly approaching their feet, one could hear their rumours.

This winter, the village of Zinal is highlighting these nocturnal exchanges so that the forest, a true living memory, can finally reveal some of its secrets to those who know how to listen. On the way to "La Né dè Läjès", come and try to decipher these ancestral conversations and perhaps you will be able, if you lend an ear and a heart, to pierce some of the valley's well-kept secrets.


  • Free route


  • Distance: 600 metres
  • 50 lamps on poles, and about 10 larch trees decorated with warm bulbs
  • 30 minutes approximately (round trip)

Practical information

  • One-off events (Christmas cot, full moon storytelling evenings, music listening and mulled wine)

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La Nuit des Mélèzes / Zinal
Début du parcours
3961 Zinal

Opening times

Every day
Lighted from 17:30 - 22:00


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