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Musée des Patoisants / Vissoie

Vissoie - This 16th-century house contains a collection of some 500 items and utensils – a visit to the local culture museum will give you an insight into the daily life of rural mountain dwellers in the old days.

A truckle bed, a potstone, a weaving loom, a chest, barrels, period uniforms... A collection of almost 500 period articles is held by the Musée des Patoisants, the Vissoie museum of local culture. The rooms that house the museum are designed to represent a traditional Anniviers dwelling. The house dates from the start of the 16th century, and the following rooms can be visited :

- The bedroom
- The kitchen
- The cellar

These three rooms, typical of the period, are all embellished with utensils and other related objects from daily life. A visit to the museum will therefore help you to imagine the daily life of the people of Anniviers in the old days.

Practical information

  • In the centre of the village of Vissoie
  • Free tour of the museum during the guided tour of Vissoie

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Anne-Lyse Melly
3961 Vissoie
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