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Making rye bread / Grimentz

Cancelled from 22.10.2020

Making a loaf of traditional rye bread and baking it in a communal oven form part of this unusual activity, which is offered in both winter and summer at Grimentz and St-Luc

Rye bread, an ancient tradition...
Rye has been grown in Valais for centuries, and baking rye bread is a fundamental element of the canton's ancient traditions. The mountainous terrain and extremes of temperature make it a good place to grow rye. In the past, people made rye bread that could be kept for several months: a village's communal oven was lit 2 or 3 times a year, and the inhabitants came there to bake their stock of bread.

Nowadays, it is possible to revive this tradition by taking part in the "Making rye bread" activity organised at St-Luc and Grimentz

The activity has 3 parts:
Making rye bread
Baking and an aperitif

Adult: CHF 15.-
Young: CHF12.-


  • du 01.07.2020 au 31.10.2020 chaque jeudi

Practical information

  • Registration required until Tuesday at 5pm
  • Minimum 6 persons - The event is cancelled if there are not enough participants
  • Tourist Office: +41 (0) 27 476 17 00
  • Appointment ordinary oven
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory

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Making rye bread / Grimentz
Four banal
3961 Grimentz

Opening times

17:00 - 19:00
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