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La Maison de Grand-Maman

Grimentz - La Maison de Grand-Maman (Granny’s House), a house furnished in period style, is right in the centre of the old part of the village of Grimentz, and can be viewed from the outside at any time.

A house that dates back to 1529 !

The Grimentz village heritage association wanted to retain some evidence of the village's past and show visitors and future generations how villagers lived in the nineteenth century, so it bought the last old house that was (partially) in its original state.

This former family home is a chalet with five storeys, three of which were used as living accommodation and the fouth as a cellar. According to earlier generations of villagers, the ground-floor storey that can be viewed by the public is supposed to be one of the first buildings to be constructed in Grimentz. The dating of some of its pieces of wood indicates that this unique house was built in about 1529, perhaps even earlier, and it still has the original bedroom and its little windows. Next to it there is a small barn, with one of the village's few remaining pigsties underneath it. Further up, the traditional kitchen has been restored, along with its fireplace, and outside there is an old lavatory, an essential outbuilding.

In conjunction with the Anniviers municipality, the neighbouring square, known as the "Place des Lavandières" has been revamped, focusing on the last public water fountain, made from concrete in 1919 and identical to four others. This structure, with a trough divided into two parts, represents the arrival of piped drinking water in the village, removing the need to fetch water from the stream.

Daily life for the family of yesteryear

To breathe new life into this historic building, it has been fitted and furnished to reflect the way of life and the items that were used at the time when the soapstone stove was made, in 1876. Guided by the memories, advice and accounts given by older generations and relatives, it has been possible to gather together furniture, utensils, tools and other items, whether as gifts or on loan. Thanks to this impetus and generosity on the part of the people of the valley, this place takes visitors back in time into the spartan daily life of a family of yesteryear.

Practical information

  • Adult : CHF 5.-
  • Special openings for group tours by prior arrangement
  • Can be viewed through a window at any time

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Place des Lavandières
3961 Grimentz

Opening times

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Saturday 14 December : 14:00-20:00
Dimanche 15 December : 11:00-17:00
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