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Introduction to Les Morands, La Combaz and Cuimey

You will visit two hamlets that have always been inhabited and Les Morands where there were once only fields and meadows.

Avant la construction de la route Vissoie-Ayer, en 1912, le chemin passait plus haut, traversait La Combaz, puis rejoignait Cuimey- La Crêta situé au-dessus de l’actuel Cuimey et poursuivait vers l’Effinec, Mission.

In the years 1920-1960, the children of La Combaz and of Cuimey went to school in Vissoie on foot four times a day. The school lasted six months, from November to late April. The rest of the year, the children were busy in the countryside, keeping goats and traveling between the mayens( small structures associated with medium altitude pastures ), and the hamlets. Then, the young people left the villages to take up apprenticeships in the valley of the Rhone.

Today, there are about 37 year-round inhabitants in Les Morands, 55 in La Combaz, 13 in Losier, and 11 in Cuimey. The four hamlets have approximately 116 persons residing all year and 173 people in secondary residences.

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Introduction to Les Morands, La Combaz and Cuimey
3961 Les Morands, La Combaz, Cuimey
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