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Hôtel Weisshorn

Saint-Luc - Built in order to welcome the first English mountaineers, the Hôtel Weisshorn is today one of the pearls of the Val d’Anniviers.

Perched high above St-Luc at an altitude of 2337 m, the Hôtel Weisshorn has an amazing location, in splendid isolation at the top of the world. Its history begins more than 130 years ago.

A recap of the hotel’s extraordinary history

1882 :
The hotel was constructed in the locality known as “Tête Fayaz” by the Mosoni brothers, François and Pierre. The ground floor was built of stone, the upper storeys of timber

1889 :
The hotel was destroyed by fire

1891 :
Opening of the new hotel, reconstructed in stone. The materials were transported from Vissoie by mules. The hotel had a basement, four storeys, a veranda on stilts, a lounge and a smoking room. The hotel was run in the English style

1917 :
On the death of her father, Emma Mosoni and her husband, E. Henri Tosello, took over the management of the hotel

1956 :
The death of Tosello and sale of the hotel to a Mr Steiger from Zurich

1966 :
The hotel was abandoned by Mr Steiger

Depuis 1969 :
- The establishment was taken over by a group of local people
- The access lane was widened, making it accessible for motor vehicles
- The winter season was gradually introduced

Hergé sketched some of the scenes of “Tintin in Tibet” while staying at the Hôtel Weisshorn

Practical information

  • During the summer : accessible in summer on foot or by mountain bike
  • During the winter : accessible on foot, with snow shoes or cross-country touring skis

Useful documents


Hôtel Weisshorn
3961 St-Luc

Opening times

From mid-June to mid-October
From end-December to mid-April
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