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Herbs, honey and liqueur

Honey, génépi, herbs... The Val d’Anniviers has a wealth of delicious local produce made by skilled artisans.

The valley has some 300 hives looked after by around a dozen beekeepers. Many of the area’s orchards and crops are organic, with an amazing wealth and diversity of flora. The bees gather pollen from meadows, fruit trees and forests, including rhododendron flowers with their unique perfume.

The people of Anniviers have a long history of relying on nature for their health and wellbeing. The tradition continues – a tradition that has inspired us to create a range of health products combining the purity of the mountains with the power of herbs.

It is unknown beyond Savoy and Valais. It’s a kind of Valais absinthe, or a mountain-dweller’s liqueur. People claim it aids digestion, stimulates the appetite, acts as a tonic and reduces fever...

Génépi? This is the name of several species of wormwood and the product derived from them – in this case a white spirit obtained by soaking artemisia umbelliformis (white wormwood) in marc or a neutral grain-based alcohol – or even wine – before distillation.


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Herbs, honey and liqueur
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