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Guided visit of the village / Vissoie

Get to know a village through its people
Do you want to discover the important role played by Vissoie in the history of the valley?

Guided tour led by Dilecta Epiney and Jean-Marc Caloz.

A medieval village that was once the home of the Lords of Anniviers, Vissoie has retained some amazing buildings that bear witness to its history. Its church and the Chapelle du Château will reveal the wealth of religious heritage in Anniviers. And that’s not all...

What was the purpose of the tower? What is the meaning of the murals at the home of Abbot Erasme Zufferey? Where were the Maison des Mines and the Hôtel d’Anniviers?

Enjoy exploring the past and present stories of Vissoie, in the company of passionate local residents who really enjoy sharing their knowledge of village and valley with visitors.

Dilecta Epiney
A daughter of Vissoie, Dilecta knows every detail of the village and its history. She will lead you through the streets of the village and down the lanes of memory with a treasure-trove of local anecdotes.

Jean-Marc Caloz
A resident of Vissoie and enthusiast for the past, a collector of old postcards and books, Jean-Marc looks forward to sharing his passion for local history with you. He will reveal the hidden secrets of life in Vissoie and Anniviers.


  • du 16.07.2020 au 06.08.2020 chaque jeudi
  • 20.08.2020

Practical information

  • Free
  • Booking essential by 17:00 on the preceding day, at the Saint-Luc Tourist Office.
  • This tour is offered by the Vissoie Tourist Board.
  • Meeting point on the bus place
  • Minimum 2 person

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Guided visit of the village / Vissoie
Office du Toursime
3961 Vissoie

Opening times

17:30 - 19:30
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