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Guided visit to the village / St-Luc

Discover the village of St-Luc thanks to its inhabitants.

Guided tour led by Marie-Thé Rion, Simone Salamin and Marie-Claude Stoeri.

St-Luc has many faces, each one fascinating in its own way, from the observatory to the traditional village. The village has a long history of tourism and has experienced some incredible adventures – good and bad – since 1800.

Why are the buildings of St-Luc so different from those of the other local villages ? What was the village’s former name ? What was grown in the fields below ?

Enjoy exploring the past and present stories of St-Luc, in the company of passionate local residents who really enjoy sharing their knowledge of village and valley with visitors.

Marie-Thé Rion
A daughter of Muraz, a village where her forebears practised transhumance, she spent every summer of her childhood at the summer home up in St-Luc. She has been living here for 40 years, among the ancient raccards (grain stores) and houses imbued with the spirit of her ancestors in a magnificent landscape.

Simone Salamin
Originally from St-Luc, she has made her life in Anniviers. She is passionate about sharing the ingenious skills and traditions developed by our forebears to help them survive down the ages, and loves exploring the old village with our visitors.

Marie-Claude Stoeri
Originally from Ayent in the district of Hérens, she has ben living in the Val d’Anniviers since 1989. She has a deep-rooted affinity with Valais and loves the various accounts of the history of St-Luc together with the lives and traditions of its people.

This tour is offered by the St-Luc Tourist Board.

Meeting point on the Place de la Marmotte
Visit in french (german or english on request)
Min. 1 pers. - Max. 20 pers.
Private tours on request (fee payable)


  • from 24.06.2021 to 30.09.2021 every Thursday
    Schedule on Thursday: 17:15 - 18:45
  • 08.10.2021
    17:15 - 18:45
  • from 14.10.2021 to 28.10.2021 every Thursday
    Schedule on Thursday: 17:15 - 18:45


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Guided visit to the village / St-Luc
3961 St-Luc

Opening times

18:15 - 19:45
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