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Grimentz over time

The people of Grimentz, like most Anniviards lived part of the year in the valley of the Rhone.

In the 11th century the “ Grimiens “ ( former name of Grimentz ) belonged to the Lords of Granges, and then to the Bishop Aymon of Savoy. In the 13th century, Grimentz begins to form a community and in the 14th century appears as one of the four Districts of the Val d’ Anniviers, Vissoie with Saint-Luc ( formerly named Luc ) and Ayer.

Over the years the community is strengthened and becomes prosperous. The bourgeoisie/residents can build their own houses, buy vineyards in the Sierre area, as well as pastures and mills. In the past, the people of Grimentz like most Anniviards, lived part of the year in the valley of the Rhone. They travelled on foot, with mules to carry their affairs. It was the time of transhumance that lasted into the 1950s.

In the late nineteenth century, a road between Sierre and Vissoie was built. Yet it was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that the connection to Grimentz was created. Half a century later the Vissoie-Grimentz road was paved, mostly for the purposes of the construction of the Moiry dam.

Tourism developed in the years 1960-1970, although summer tourism had begun much earlier, as evidenced by the construction of the first hotels: The Alamarenda ( 1897 ) and the Hotel de Moiry ( 1925 ). The committee of the “ Société de développement “, founded in 1930, made plans to open an office whose duties would be taking reservations for chalets and hotel rooms, and booking ski lessons, but also to organize excursions and currency exchange services. The Tourist Office was inaugurated in 1969. A few months later, the Bourgeoisie voted a credit of 200,000 francs in favour of the ski lifts. As a result, Grimentz then developed its tourist infrastructure.

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Grimentz over time
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